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Trick To Display a Text Message During Boot up of Windows 7

From time to time you might want to leave a text memo for a user before they log into a Windows 7 computer. Today we show you a neat trick that allows you to leave a message they can read before logging in. Add a Text Message Sometimes you might want to leave a text Read More

Trick to Change the Registered Owner in Windows

If you have ever deliberated Trick to change the name of the person that Windows is registered to, this is the quick tip for you. It’s not all that useful, but it might come in handy if you got a computer from somebody else. Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search box, and then Read More

Avoid Windows Update from Forcibly Rebooting Your Computer

We have altogether been at our computer while the Windows Update dialog pops up and says us to reboot our computer. I have turn into induced that this dialog has been considered to detect when we are most busy and only prompt us at that moment. The actual problem comes into play while Windows gets Read More

Lists of Hidden Secret Applications/Programs of Windows XP

Lots of hidden application or programs exist in your Windows XP operating system. These hidden applications are really very useful and can saves much time when you really know these applications utility or application. Microsoft never tell you these applications / programs description. All these hidden programs are really powerful for similar activities like registry Read More

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